Bahrain Tax Invoice Format

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Bahrain Tax invoice format

Bahrain Tax Invoice Format

VAT Information in Bahrain is a transactional tax imposed on the taxable supply of goods and solutions. invoice is a vital demand for each VAT registered service. As vat consultancy services In our earlier article ‘VAT Information in Bahrain‘, we looked at different types of VAT invoices as well as different VAT invoicing demands of Bahrain VAT Legislation. In this short article, we will go over the Billing format and its requirements as suggested under Bahrain VAT Legislation and guidelines.

The Invoice format 

The Bahrain VAT law clearly suggests the different tax billing demands which a VAT registered Supplier require to abide by. Though there is no particular invoice design template suggested. There are numerous obligatory pieces of information which needs to be recorded in a tax invoice based on the arrangements of the regulation.

Based on the compulsory information in a Tax Invoice, a sample of Bahrain Tax Invoice template is revealed below:

Bahrain Tax invoice format
Bahrain Tax invoice format


Main Points for issuing the VAT invoices in Bahrain

The complying with are the key points for releasing a Tax Invoice in Bahrain

  • Discussing VAT Enrollment number of the consumer is not compulsory in the tax billing. Nevertheless, as a technique, it is suggested to capture the enrollment number to make sure that it will certainly be very beneficial for your client in asserting Input VAT.
  • The portion of fils can be finished off to the nearby number by applying the normal finishing off approach.
    If you are issuing several copies of tax Billing, in all the additional duplicates of a tax billing, you should discuss. Bear In Mind, Input Tax will only be subtracted using the original tax billing.
  • If the Invoice is provided in money aside from BHD, the currency exchange rate must be shown.

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