Tax Obligation Invoices in Bahrain | What are the Info to be Consisted Of in a Thorough Tax Invoice in Bahrain?

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Tax Obligation Invoices in Bahrain | What are the Info to be Consisted Of in a Thorough Tax Invoice in Bahrain?

Tax Obligation Invoices in Bahrain|What are the Information to be Included in a Detailed Tax Invoice in Bahrain?

Preparing an appropriate tax obligation Invoice is extremely vital for conformity of Bahrain VAT Law. In this blog site, we are summarizing, the important materials called for in a Tax Invoice under Bahrain VAT Law, Tax Invoice Format and so on

What is a Tax Invoice?

Tax Invoice is a billing provided for taxable supply for items & solutions. Tax obligation Invoice is the primary evidence for a recipient to claim the input tax obligation credit history.

What are the Various Types of Tax Obligation Billings in Bahrain?

According to the National Bureau of Taxes, there will be 2 sorts of billings for BARREL in Bahrain. Those are Simplified Tax Invoice, Bank Statements.

Streamlined Tax Obligation Billing:
Registrants making sales for an amount less than BHD 500 will certainly need vendors to provide a simplified Tax Invoice. Generally, grocery stores, restaurants and also various other retail industries will need to prepare Simplified Tax Invoices or while selling to an unregistered client will require sellers to release a streamlined Tax Invoice. Registrants making sales for an amount more than BHD 500 will need to provide a thorough Tax obligation billing.

Bank Declaration:
In particular situations, even financial institution declaration will certainly be treated as Tax Invoice under Bahrain VAT Legislation (Conditions are discussed below).

What is the Info to be Consisted Of in a Detailed Tax Billing?

  • An in-depth Tax Invoice ought to consist of all the adhering to info.
  • Words “Tax Invoice” clearly specified.
  • The name as well as address of the Customer.
  • The name, address of the Taxable Person.
  • The Registration Number.
  • The day of concern of the Tax Invoice and also the day of Supply or date of payment, if different.
  • Consecutive invoice numbers.
  • A summary of the Goods or Services.
  • The Number of Goods supplied.
  • Value of the Supply & Unit price aside from Tax in BHD
  •  The value of discount rate, if any kind of, as well as the net worth in BHD
  •  Price and also quantity of Tax.Total amount due on the Supply inclusive of Tax in Dinars.
  • The currency exchange rate applied where money besides the Dinar is made used

Nevertheless, Tax billings can be released either in Arabic or English. However, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) the Tax Invoice will be provided only in Arabic. A distributor needs to issue a Tax Invoice by the 15th day from completion of the month in which the supply happened.

Where the invoices are released apart from in Dinar, the Taxable individual should likewise point out the currency exchange rate as well as must point out the Dinar value as well.

Where a Taxable Person concerns a duplicate or a number of duplicates of the original Tax Invoice. The statement “Duplicate of Original” should be displayed on every copy. As well as input tax obligation thereon can be declared just utilizing the initial Tax Invoice. And also if the original tax invoice is lost/ damaged, the Supplier may provide a duplicate billing with a statement mentioning that it has been released to replace the initial Tax Invoice.

If a distributor who makes several Supplies for a solitary Customer during a duration of one month may provide a summed up Tax Invoice which will certainly be treated as a Tax Invoice, which ought to comply with all the problems for a Tax Invoice specified in the Law as well as the Regulations.

What is the Information to be Included in a Simplified Tax Invoice?

The Simplified Tax Invoice needs to include all the complying with information:

  • The name, address of the Taxable Person as well as Registration Number.
  • The day of the problem of the Invoice.
  • A summary of the Goods or Services.
  • The complete worth of the Supply in Dinars, comprehensive of Tax.
  • The rate as well as the amount of Tax relevant in Dinars.
  • A description of the Goods or Services.
  • However, the Simplified Tax invoices can be issued just in case when the customer is not listed in
  • the Kingdom of Bahrain or the Supply is less than the BHD 500.

Whether there is a Provision in Bahrain VAT Law to Issue Tax Invoice on behalf of Supplier?

Yes. A taxed customer from a taxed supplier can release a Tax billing on behalf of the supplier if the following conditions are pleased.

  • There is an agreement in creating between both events associating with the issue of Tax Invoices by the Customer.
  • The Supplier takes on not to release any Tax Invoice associating with the particular deal.
  • There is a device whereby the Supplier is able to approve every Tax Invoice provided by the Customer on his part.
  • The Tax Invoice plainly shows that it is provided by the Customer in support of the Supplier.
  • The Customer preserves a duplicate of every Tax Invoice provided in support of the Supplier.
  • The invoice released by the Customer on behalf of the Supplier satisfies all the conditions for a Tax Invoice supplied in the Law as well as the Regulations that we mentioned above.
  • Financial institution Statements.

According to Clause I of Article 52 of the Executive Regulation of the VAT Law, a Bank declaration shall be treated as a Tax Invoice if it includes the complying with details:

  • Call, Address and also Registration variety of the bank in Bahrain.
  • Call and Address of the consumer.
  • The day of issue of the bank declaration.
  • The Tax rate applicable to every supply.
  • The amount of Tax on every supply.
    This has actually been a welcoming addition to the Bahrain law as it will certainly allow registrants to declare Input tax based upon the Bank declarations released by banks unlike in UAE, where Input tax obligation recovery is feasible only by obtaining an appropriate tax obligation billing which influenced the input cases of registrants.

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