Bahrain Tax Identification Number – TIN

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Bahrain Tax Identification Number – TIN

Tax Identification Number

Tax Identification Number (TIN), additionally referred to as ‘Tax Enrollment Number’ (TRN), is a unique number provided by the tax authority to business who have effectively gotten VAT registration in Bahrain. In Bahrain VAT, companies with a value of materials in the last year exceeding BHD 37,700 or it is anticipated to surpass BHD 37,700 in following year ought to mandatorily register. Also, if your yearly value of materials surpasses 18,850, you can choose to register voluntarily under Bahrain VAT.

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Vat enrollment is yet to be mentioned as well as quickly, it will be introduced by the tax authority Once the information and also files required for VAT enrollment are sent, as well as an effective confirmation, the tax authority will issue a distinct tax registration number known as ‘Tax Identification Number’. In other words, it is called ‘TIN’.

On obtaining Tax Identification Number (TIN), it is a consent to organizations to the bill and gathers VAT at 5% on their taxed materials. Apart from the above, the business registered under VAT requires to pay the VAT as well as submit the VAT Returns at specified periods. Maybe a regular monthly or quarterly basis. Throughout such filing activities or any kind of other interaction with the tax authority, you require to discuss TIN via you will certainly be recognized or recognized.

Let us comprehend the relevance of TIN with the assistance of faqs.

1. How to get the Tax Identification Number (TIN)?
You will certainly get a TIN on the effective conclusion of your VAT enrollment.

2. Has VAT Enrollment in Bahrain Began?
Vat enrollment is yet to be started as well as quickly, it will certainly be revealed by the tax authority.

3. That will release the VAT Identification Number?
The Tax Authority of Bahrain will release TIN after effective confirmation of your enrollment application.

4. What are the papers in which the Tax Identification number should be discussed?
The TIN number need to be stated in the adhering to records:
Tax Invoice
Debit Note
Credit score Note
Vat Return
Audit Statements
All the documents as prescribed by the Bahrain VAT Regulation as well as Regulations.

5. Is it necessary or optional to mention the TIN number in the above records?
A. Yes, it is obligatory to mention Tax Identification number in all the documents as suggested by the Law.

6. The amount of digits does the TIN number contain?
A. We anticipate it to be 15 Numbers. However, we are awaiting clarity from the tax authority


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